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Cora Ennis Morris

At first glance, Cora Ennis Morris's work features beautiful deep hues of Blue. Flowers and organic forms appear as negatives—reverse silhouettes—that almost materialize as wet—dancing across her compositions. She explains that much of her work is from a selection of plants gathered along the Georgia Coast. She writes that [her series] "reflects the raw and natural beauty that surrounds me and the fragility of our ecosystem."

Cora Ennis Morris incorporates into one of her series, "In the Weeds," with a novel, "How to Invest in the Stock Market."

Each piece has been named relative to the pages and chapters of this book: 'Historical Price of Appreciation,' 'Market Trends,' 'Fund Performance Indicators,' 'Management Fees,' 'Growing Portfolio,' and 'in the Weeds.'

"This series came to me while I was picking weeds.  After that I was taking a walk through my neighborhood, feeling grateful that I wasn’t working in the Finance industry anymore, where I felt like I was always “in the weeds”.  That’s when I thought of using stock market book pages as the substrate for the series.”

Cora Graduated from Central Connecticut University with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. However, after graduating, she secured her future in Corporate America while continuing to pursue her passion for art. This gave her stability in her life, but she acknowledged that she wasn't in her element.

"My life took a strange turn after graduating. I wanted a roof over my head and was pulled into corporate America in insurance and financial services."

Reenergizing her passion, Cora explains, " I got into Encaustic art in 2012 when I was at an exhibition that featured an encaustic artist. The museum, in conjunction with the exhibition, offered a workshop, which I signed up for."

Her multidisciplinary work is supported by her mindset and passion for environmental matters: "As an artist, I'm drawn to different mediums—I'm always morphing and trying new things. It's a natural bi-product of nature."

Having lived and grown up in the New England area, once she moved South, she discovered that working in the Savannah environment posed difficulties for her encaustic process, and she started playing with cyanotype. This beautiful Blue is synthesized from a chemical reaction that results in a deep Prussian blue.

Her work, "In the Weeds," contrasts her cyanotype work of organic reflections while paying homage to her past in Finance.

Cora's other work is also coastal and environmentally inspired, filled with beautiful layers of photography, encaustic work, and plant-life compositions.

"We need to preserve the planet for the next generation." She explains that as an artist, an environmentalist, and a businesswoman, Cora Ennis Morris's work breathes fresh air into the Artstryngs exhibition 'The Unseen Garden', which is on display through May in Savannah.